Gonzales Food Mart: BBQ & Sausage — Come and Eat It

In American, Barbeque, San Antonio on September 23, 2011 at 1:16 pm

How is it possible that a single street can have so many delicious, diverse restaurants? South WW White Rd is home to Chatman’s Chicken, Big Lou’s Pizza, Mr & Mrs. G’s, and one delicious, barbecue restaurant…Gonzales Food Mart, among others. I’m not sure how I’ve failed to come across this barbecue place before since it’s basically in my own backyard. It was a new friend that informed me about it; it was the way she spoke about their barbecue that made me check it out immediately.

Apparently, it’s already well-known throughout Texas. There was even a brief write-up about it several years back in the San Antonio Express News (click here to read it). While it may originate from Gonzales, Texas, we have our very own right here in San Antonio. Located at 2530 South WW White Rd, not to far south from I-10, is where you’ll find this top-notch, Texas-style barbecue.

As you can see below, on my first trip I decided to go with my go-to order, the two meat combo. For me, any judgement must come from a taste of brisket (lean is always an option, but I always request the marble cut!) and sausage. The brisket was really impressive. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. The barbecue sauce, which is in a bottle on every table, is really good even though I prefer a little kick to it. The 99.9% beef sausage is excellent and you even get two of them! As sides I ordered the cheezy potatoes and pinto beans. The pinto beans were typical, but the cheezy potatoes were cooked perfectly and bathed in a cheese sauce that had just the right flavor and consistency.

2 Meat Combo: Brisket and Sausage

For dessert, I took a risk. The two options included peach cobbler and strawberry cobbler. I’d never tried strawberry, so that’s what I chose. It was good. A little too sweet for my taste but tasty none the less. Or maybe I was just too full.

Strawberry Cobbler

Here’s a look at their menu. All the dishes are affordable, especially considering the quality of the meat. I ended up paying a little under $12 for a two meat combo, strawberry cobbler, and a fountain drink. I couldn’t even eat it all.

It you find yourself at County Line BBQ, shame on you. Be good to yourself and go to Gonzales Food Mart. The meat will completely satisfy you. Does anything else besides the meat really matter?

  1. Gonzales food mart looks like a one stop shopping for barbeque related food. 2 meat combo looks so delicious and the price is also affordable for just $9.29

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