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Back in June, Jen Rames, a local San Antonio blogger, wrote a great review about Nosh. Ever since reading her post I had the urge to stop by Nosh to nibble on a light, informal meal. And once again, Groupon was the deciding factor that got me there. While I try to avoid duplicating reviews, I just want to add to Jen’s review since I made some different selections. Click here to read about her Nosh experience.

The Fantastic Beer Selection

First of all, props to Nosh for offering an impressive beer selection. I just sat and admired the variety of quality beers over the course of my meal. However, since I always drink beer, I decided to branch out and try some of their other adult beverages. Since it was still kind of warm outside, I began with one of Nosh’s novelty drinks, the backporch lemonade. The lemonade is made from fresh lemon, cranberry juice, ginger syrup and citrus vodka. This small, $4 drink was tasty, refreshing and very sweet.

The Backporch Lemonade

As I sipped on the backporch lemonade, I studied the menu and ended up ordering the Slider Sampler, which comes with one beef, one pork, and one crab slider. Three sliders cost $12 and for $2 extra you get a side of fries. To my surprise, my favorite was the crab followed by the pork and then the beef. The crab wasn’t too crabby, yet had good flavor. The pork was surprisingly good and I don’t eat that much pork. The beef had an interesting flavor, but was a bit too dry for my taste. The bun, which was soft, yet crisp and sweet, really was delicious. The fries were okay. The garlic flavor helped.

Sadly, I was too full to order a few fried mini-twinkies with raspberry dipping sauce. This was the $5 dessert special. I’m sure I missed out.

Slider Combo

For some reason, and this may sound weird, but the pork slider went really well with the mixed berry mojito. This nosh infused cocktail is made with strawberry, raspberry, blackberry infused rum, amaretto, pineapple juice, simple syrup, muddled mint leaves and a splash of sprite. As you might can imagine, considering it includes simple syrup and amaretto, it also was really sweet, but it also had a good balance of berry flavor. However, for $8 I think I’d rather have a couple of beers, but that’s just me. The drink was really good. A little more alcohol and I would have said both drinks were great instead of really good.

The Mixed Berry Mojito

In the end, I agree with Jen, Nosh is great place and I’m sure I’ll be returning as well. My only problem with Nosh is its location. It should be in Southtown! Again, check out Jen’s post for more pics and other delicious dishes she enjoyed. She’ll also tell you about Nosh’s happy hour! If you decide to go, don’t go on Sunday or Monday. It’s closed.

  1. The drinks were enough to grab my attention. It definitely looks worth checking out. I agree with you about the location.

  2. Glad you made it out there! We went again last week and I tried the shrimp and grits, and they were fantastic. I still think the mac and cheese is my favorite… Next time I will have to try the mixed berry mojito, it looks so good. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks for your commment, Jen. I really want to go back and try the mac and cheese and champagne refresher. My wife and I love mac and cheese so the happy hour would be perfect for us! The beer your husband ordered (Kwak) is one of my favorite beers. The glass is also really cool. Garbriel’s at 1604 and Blanco even sells the glass. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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